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Executive Coaching

Top-level leaders, like most of us, are often unaware of their “blind spots” regarding what they say and do concerning diversity, equity and inclusion.   There have been times when, even the most well-intending CEOs, have spoken questionable words and/or left others with problematic impressions.  OneTeam can help executives become inspired DEI leaders with confidential one-to-one coaching.  We offer professionally certified and deeply experienced coaches who can work with executives and other senior leaders to lead by example and excel in their personal guidance of their organization’s DEI processes.


Executive Consultation

Capable Chief DEI Officers and dedicated DEI Councils can often create excellent progress for their organizations. But, their success will be severely limited without knowledgeable and inspirational leadership from their full executive teams supported by a fail-safe implementation plan. OneTeam’s experience consulting with CEOs and Executive Teams has enabled top-level performance for an astounding number of organizations. Our approach creates measurable accountability for all employees at all levels and has helped our clients achieve both industry leading business outcomes as well as elite level DEI results.

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