DEI 2020+™

Participating in the changing workforce
DE & I training

DEI 2020+

A workshop for all non-managerial personnel, which explains important concepts, related to DEI in forward-looking organizations.  Employees evaluate their own actions within the context of the changing workplace and changing organizational needs.  The program is highly interactive in nature and utilizes a variety of sophisticated methods.

    • Recognizing how DEI supports the organization’s business and mission case
    • Learning how the DEI concept can bring benefits to all employees, including white men
    • Understanding what employees can do for themselves as individuals and what they can contribute to an even more successful work environment.
    • Learning how to become great allies for each other and what they can do to maximize the engagement and performance of diverse teams.
    • Understanding how to advocate for themselves, maximize their own development, find mentors and sponsors and create relationships that serve themselves, others and the organization.
    • Unique workshop style: Simulations, Team Competitions, Interactive Exercises, Questionnaires, Case Studies, Skills practice and Action Planning for Accountable Implementation

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