Executive DEI Strategic Planning Conference™

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Executive DEI Strategic Planning Conference

Achieving complete commitment, support and participation from top executives is the most crucial factor in the success of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion process. Executives require training and expert facilitation to fulfill their roles with enthusiasm and confidence.

OBJECTIVE: The overall goal of this session is to provide the CEO, direct reports and other key leaders with the understanding and comfort level with DEI and the skills to author and lead a successful implementation process.

APPROACH: The process, discussion, and exercises in this session have been proven to motivate executive teams and enable them to develop a DEI strategy that enhances their business results. The session is customized to the group’s culture and organizational history. It is designed to eliminate redundancies from other learning experiences and fully leverage the executives’ time. Specific challenges and opportunities are uncovered (a Needs Analysis/Cultural Audit is necessary in advance to identify specific business issues and help prioritize action planning).


  • Expert Executive Facilitation: OneTeam Consultants is known for its ability to gain buy-in from and work successfully with executives
  • Infused DEI Skills: Integrates core leadership skills with DEI literacy, making it an integral part of the organization’s business/mission success
  • Problem Solving Tool: Includes Vectors™ the powerful problem solving tool. See Vectors™ for information
  • Custom Tailored Modules: Offers both a core design and flexibility to tailor modules to meet the needs of the organization
  • Executive Team Leadership: Results in strong buy-in and a Strategic DEI Implementation Plan authored and led by the Executive Team


  • Review the concept of DEI management beyond gender and race, including changing workforce and marketplace demographics, the elements of diversity and DEI’s impact on the bottom line, including global implications
  • Assess and evaluate current executive behavior regarding DEI issues
  • Examine the forces at work in the organization, both overt and subtle, which enhance or detract from DEI-related efforts
  • Develop a DEI Strategic Plan, including Vision, Business/Mission Case, Long-Term Objectives and Metrics and identify the executive behaviors that will support them
  • Engage in Action Planning as the initial step in the implementation of the diversity process, with designated roles and accountability

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