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DEI Detective

Frequently, even the people whose role it is to succeed with DEI can’t see what is causing their process to underperform. So, we have developed a workshop called “The DEI Detective”.  The name is a bit dramatic – for sure.  But the workshop goal is to give people in the DEI field the ability to do a little detective work in their own organizations to uncover and counter the hidden reasons their process may be underperforming, or for those who are creating a new strategy to build in excellence right from the start.

What topics will we cover?  Here are a few:

  1. What’s missing from your DEI Strategic Plan
  2. Why Unconscious Bias training just isn’t enough – and what else is necessary?
  3. How to determine whether your executive team is really on board
  4. Why most approaches to DEI training are just plain inadequate
  5. What are the missing elements in most DEI accountability systems
  6. What really causes middle management to fail when it comes to DEI
  7. Why you may need to improve how you measure your progress

That’s just for starters.  During the workshop, we will get to many other issues.  And we’ll do it in a way that’s highly interactive, using real world scenarios and practical implementation tools that can be put to good use right away.  And we’ll follow this program with complementary online tools and one hour of expert consultation. To sign up for our on-line DE&I Detective session or to receive  private consultation, please click below.

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