Leadership 2020+™

Leadership 2020+™: Going far beyond Unconscious Bias training, today’s managers need a reliable set of skills that allow them to confidently and effectively manage an increasingly diverse workforce now and into the future.  Leadership 2020+ offers leaders the understanding and skills to create an environment that engages their teams and inspires them to produce excellent results for their organizations while maximizing their work experience for themselves.

    • Recognizing how DEI supports the organization’s business and mission case.
    • Understanding and Proactively Managing DEI
    • Managing Hidden DEI Forces that Impact Performance and Careers
    • Establishing and Managing Diverse Teams
    • Ensuring Belonging and Well-Being for All Employees
    • Enhancing Skills for Onboarding, Performance Management, Employee Development and Retention for all employees
    • Unique workshop style: Simulations, Team Competitions, Interactive Exercises, Questionnaires, Case Studies, Skills practice and Action Planning for Accountable Implementation

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