Inclusive Interviewing

Select the Best™

Inclusive Interviewing / Select the Best

This is a very unique program that helps those involved in the recruitment and hiring process to plan for and manage successful processes for hiring and promoting diverse and other candidates who will succeed in the positions they are selected for. The program includes:

  • A unique planning format that assures that every candidate will be carefully assessed to have the skills and personal qualities to succeed in the position.
  • This format also facilitates collaboration between the hiring manager and the recruiter and creates a “roadmap” for an effective interviewing process.
  • The program teaches what not to ask in interviews, but also, what should be asked, why and how.
  • Participants learn to manage first impressions, “vibes” and intuition to avoid biases, establish rapport and get the information they need.
  • Also learned is how to conduct the “perfect” interview and manage interviewing time.
  • Interviewers also acquire in-depth skills to get “below the surface”, avoid biases and find the “real” candidates that will succeed in the position and live the organization’s values.
  • Participants learn to effectively share key interviewing objectives so that the candidate is not repeatedly asked the same questions
  • New skills and concepts are taught, including selling the system, selling the candidate and factoring the candidate’s diversity into the selection decision.
  • Unique workshop style: Interactive Exercises, Questionnaires, Simulations, Interview Practice Sessions and Action Planning for Accountable Implementation

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